These storms are not from Hurricane Katrina/etc

These storms are not from hurricane Katrina. I shot them, mostly in 2004, one in 2002. They were shot in Nebraska, Iowa, and Kansas while storm chasing.

Back before Katrina even happened, someone snatched them from my gallery(gone now) and posted them on a popular website. They went from there. That was back in 2004 or early 2005. It's now 2009 and I still get e-mails about them. So I'm posting this back on here for that, to let some know I already know and for any informing of others. Below are 9 of the images that go around and around e-mail land(one other just sort of got left out early on) along with a link to my chase account from the day I shot them. The lightness, contrast and color balance won't match on them all since they've since changed, or were done differently way back when I put them on photosig...but the images are in the accounts and are obviously the same otherwise.

Anyway, I think I'll just leave this up this time. I thought it had finally died, but a recent surge says no. If anything, it's mind boggling just how an e-mail chain can go and go. I get the thing with the same text it had in it back in 2005, 3+ years later in early 2009. And these had a life of their own before Katrina even happened. Claimed from Australia, Canada, Israel, etc....before Katrina.

So if you want to see where they really came from, and them at other points in their evolution, click on the links below.

August 26, 2004 Coin Iowa Tornadoes

July 12, 2004 central Nebraska Monster Supercell and Tornadoes

May 28, 2004 Highway 12 Nebraska Supercell

May 24, 2004 Chester Nebraska into KS Tornadoes

June 13, 2004 Alvo Nebraska Supercell and Tornadoes

May 9, 2004 South Sioux City, NE

August 16, 2002 Crofton NE Supercell

May 28, 2004 Highway 12 Nebraska Supercell

June 13, 2004 Alvo Nebraska Supercell and Tornadoes

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