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The supercell that "couldn't"...then could..........still can! At least as far as putting on a great show. It seemed the atmosphere wanted this storm to start to die now, as it got a bit smaller on radar. This storm though said to hell with that, I'm going to spin and spin and spin.

I wonder how many of these truckers are sleeping away in their cabs right now.

Like a dog begging for attention.

Pretty dang cool.

I think most of these were done at 200 ISO, F3.5, for as few seconds as possible mostly. It's usually good to shoot a storm near a city, if you can get some of the city lights to help in lighting it up.

Crazy crazy. Wake up truckers, you're missing the show! Spiraling base, lifting up into that big fat plume of convection, billowing towards the heavens. All spreading out into the twilight-lit anvil. This amazing entity about to pass over a bunch of sleeping truckers.

Leaving or entering hell? Must be entering as those look like tail lights.

One of the more odd things of all this. Look above those lights back there in the middle. Very late sunset features(clouds/sky) showing up on the exposure. Like light on the other side of the coming storm....though dwindlng(*enter spooky music* lol)

I eventually move east of York and pull over again. The skinny updraft wanted nothing to do with death. BAM these amazingly bright botls would smash down out of the updraft/anvil interface. A couple lit up/froze the storms features in the darkness.

A less bright one.

Storm near me again, bolt production slowing down finally. Quite the show this day!

Time-lapse of the stills...

June 17, 2009 York Nebraska Supercell Time-lapse

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