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I drove back out new years day to survey the area a little better. It wasn't too bad in Hastings, but as I drove west of there on highway 6 it got nasty. This was largely the norm out there. Pole after pole after pole....down. On and on from just west of Hastings to at least Holdrege. Exceptions were locations where they had some block from wind, or where they ran north-south. That is a massive area and I can't imagine how many poles that comes to or how long it will take to fix them all. This shot was southeast of Kearney just south of I80.

The little electric fencing poles were no match for the heavy icing.

I saw this while driving along more damanged poles. Chopped the top right off.

More freaky pieces of taller grass.

A stop sign. That is just crazy. Just look how thick it is on the back of the round part of the sign.

It is pretty wild that this can happen like this.

I have no idea what the hell was burning down there. This was near Minden looking sw.

EDIT: I guess this was a house fire about 6 miles southwest of Minden.

Sun dog.

If it was an east-west line and was at all in the open it was usually like this.

Major transmission lines down just south of Keaney. These are large and are metal. They continued on all screwed up down that road.

Some of these scenes along the tracks looked so cool. It's pretty much impossible to shoot icy scenes into the sun and get them to look like they did in person. Hmmm, HDR might have been interesting on this(high dynamic range imaging).

This is the guide wire to a pole with a good 2 inches of ice on it.

I finally found these....a bit late. I'm zoomed way in from the highway north of Minden. Anything that wasn't a main highway was obviously covered in ice. I had 4 wheel drive and didn't mess with them too much. Those are the major transmission lines, crumpled like they were toys. This wasn't just happening in southern NE but southwest KS as well. What a historic storm. The dollar figure on this one will certainly be in the 10s of millions....or most likely 100s of millions. It was much more widespead than simply Nebraska. I'd say areas of Colorado, Kansas, and Nebraska will all be declared disaster areas, if they haven't already.

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