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May 9, 2004 S. Sioux City Nebraska Supercell



For as cool as this looks on radar, the structure sure sucked. I shot a couple stills of lightning with it from the Nebraska side, but have since deleted them. I did keep the ones I shot of a shelf cloud pushing over Sioux City, lit up all orange by the city lights.



The following were all shot sw of Sioux City looking towards the city. I didn't have a ton of shooting time as the precip was approaching too dang fast. I pulled over on highway 20, just west of the highway 77 exit and quickly snapped the following images. I was waiting for a cop to pull up behind me and give me a ticket for using the shoulder.

The coloring isn't added in the following. This is what the city lights did to the bottom of the shelf on my long exposures. You could see this tinge while viewing it with your eyes but obviously not this bright. The ones that have purple in them have that because of the lightning.







Lighting in the shelf on this one.